School Staff Quotes

Brilliant! Well organised day broken up with appropriate amounts of theory and practical components. Thank-you so much for this opportunity to attend the PARTY program. A great day which I will highly recommend to other schools. – Other school staff

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. A terrific job and a most worthwhile program. Every young person would benefit from participating in the day – Teacher

I will definitely recommend this for students in future years. It's been great to hear the positive feedback from the students – Teacher

An extremely worthwhile day; all staff and volunteers were outstanding and I thank them very much for their time and dedication. This day will have a great impact on our students and myself as an educator and parent. Thank you – Teacher

Really appreciate the opportunity. I think it was incredibly valuable and will have a permanent positive affect – Teacher

Student Quotes

It was an amazing program. I should tell my friends about this program – year 11, aged 17, female

I absolutely love it. I feel like I understand consequences from actions and I think everyone should know and see the truth. - year 11, aged 16, female

I think it is a good way to be exposed and learn about risk and consequences - year 11, 16, female

This program will make me consider consequences and make smarter decisions in the future - year 11, age 16, female

[I]t teaches you about the real world and the risk and the impact it can have on you - year 11, age 18 female

I believe everyone should attend the program as it opens your eyes to how choices can change your life and I believe it will prevent people making bad choices - year 10, aged 15, female

Makes people realise outcomes of making stupid decisions and who it affects - year 10, aged 16, male

It makes you think twice about the choices you are about to make - year 12, aged 17, male

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